Super Crossword Creator 5.0.6

Super Crossword Creator 5.0.6: Make beautiful crossword puzzles for your students Make crossword puzzles using Super Crossword Creator! Designed for teachers and educators, Super Crossword Creator allows you to make beautiful crosswords that are ideal for classroom use. Create professional looking crosswords that are easy to grade and fun for students! Print your crosswords or save your crosswords as Microsoft Word documents that you can edit.

Crosswords Software bundle for solving, editing and making of crosswords (English, German)

Software bundle for solving, editing and making of crosswords. It consists of three separate programs, two of which are completely free and only making of crossword by combining words is shareware. Crosswords can have any number of JPG pictures saved with a file, different character sets and freely definable layout. Software for making of crosswords is a great help in finding correct crosswords using a rich word base (English, German or Serbian).

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Sympathy Crossword Publisher 2.4: Prepare crossword puzzles for publication in print form or on the web
Sympathy Crossword Publisher 2.4

Sympathy helps you prepare crosswords for publication in print form or on the web. Its highly flexible grid drawing and puzzle layout options allow you to create US style fully checked, diagramless, blocked, Italian style and barred grid puzzles. Print crosswords directly. Export crosswords for publication in print form. Export crosswords as HTML, with the grid in HTML or bitmap formats such as JPEG and PNG, for inclusion in a web site.

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Japan Crossword Editor

User-friendly and powerful editor of Japan crosswords enables to draw and come out crosswords by own means, import files-pictures into crossword as well as export into pictures, protect saved files with crosswords by a password. To open files of many competitors. It is easy to translate program interface into any language. Flexible system of settings.

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Newspaper Puzzle Challenge 1.0: The ultimate puzzle challenge: 8 different Sudoku, Kakuro and Crosswords games
Newspaper Puzzle Challenge 1.0

Newspaper Puzzle Challenge is the ultimate puzzle test featuring 8 different types of play including; Sudoku, Kakuro, Killer Sudoku, Giant Sudoku, Sudoku X, Mini Sudoku, Crosswords and more! This brain teasing collection will challenge your skills with over 46,000 puzzles and unlimited crosswords! Over 46,000 games! More than 8 different types of puzzles! Unlimited Crosswords! 20 Challenge Games! Bonus Book of puzzles!

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Crossdown Game Edition 6.0: Solve real crossword puzzles on your Windows computer.
Crossdown Game Edition 6.0

Real crossword puzzles on your Windows computer. All the challenge and enjoyment of solving crosswords exactly like the ones found in newspapers or magazines. Print them out for traditional pencil-and-paper solving.These solve-only packages are strictly for crossword solvers. The demo version of Crossdown for Windows Game Edition comes with 5 sample crosswords.

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WordFit! Crossword Builder WordFit! Crossword Builder  makes it easy to create professional crosswords
WordFit! Crossword Builder

WordFit! Crossword Builder is an intuitive software package that anybody can use to create pro quality, newspaper style crosswords. Users of the free version can create and publish unlimited 15x15 crosswords. Registered users can additionally create 9x9, 11x11, 13x13 and 21x21 crosswords. It is designed to work equally well on today`s touch-screen PC`s and tablet computers in addition to PC`s using traditional mouse and keyboard input devices.

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